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Stranova Interviews Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford's MP3 interview on an Innovative Approach to Strategic Planning.


Sustainability is Only Half the Solution, Regeneration is the Other Half

Carol Sanford's Fall '06 Lecture at MIT Sloan School of Management
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For almost 30 years, InterOctave Development Group, Inc. has worked with companies to build greater individual and organizational consciousness. Our focus is on creating businesses that are non-displaceable and regenerative (competitor-proof and future-proof) and building the capability within businesses to execute. Our case studies reflect the phenomenal rewards of building up a company’s"consciousness infrastructure."

Our Approach. InterOctave uses an evolutionary systems approach that evokes the essential power of each organization and each individual. All of our work connects individuals and organizations to the greater world.

Profile Your Organization. Consciousness has great value to an organization and is a requirement for navigating the current business environment with a view to building something great enough to matter and flexible enough to last. Still, some companies disrupt the development of individual and collective consciousness with well-meaning but entropic management practices. How about your company?

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