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The old paradigm of doing business is being replaced. Some disruptions are subtle like new forms of strategic thinking. Some are bold like business models and work design. Are you ready for The Business of the Future and the workers who are joining to advance it? Did you know how to disrupt? How to engage with disruptions? How to be resilient and flexible by design?

We have given designers of the disruptive approaches for forty years. Our approaches are extraordinarily successful and produce growth that is done responsibly. We build innovation into every task, execution and design decision. We use regenerative design thinking. We teach regenerative business acumen.

We apply Regenerative Design Thinking to strategy, performance, customer engagement, product design, business model creation and partnering for capacity building. We use three modes of growth so that we reduce impact, do good in the same act, not later, and create whole new orders of doing business that reduce resource extraction by product redesign.

Most companies are not ready to use the Regenerative Approach. It requires a more systemic thinking capability and personal mastery of humans in the system. We have a technology for building this capability WHILE we work on the redesign, making it all happen faster. We use Regenerative Living Systems Design and Capability. Most so called “systems thinking” is firmly entrenched in older paradigms and design thinking. When people see what we do, they claim to be doing the same thing. We call this “beat to fit, paint to match.” Cramming an old idea into new bottle and calling it the same does not make it new. It just drags all the old paradigm thinking into attempts to evolve leaving you blind to where the potential is. Get the only technology that gives you the tested, proven,  whole method for moving paradigms and all the resistance to change you face into the 21st century.

Responsibility is also embedded as you go – into strategy, marketing, initiatives, performance measures, customer engagement, business model development, service and partnership. Then leaders are developed, way beyond training, to lead from the new paradigm as they reveal the potential of all stakeholders and shift the industry context. Responsibility in work design is based in a Regenerative Paradigm of how humans, ecosystems and life work for creating healthy democracies, social systems, and Earth reclaims the capacity to evolve toward vitality, viability and uniqueness of all roles in the nest of systems.

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”Working with Carol changed the course of my life and that of Seventh Generation; responsible growth of 40-65% annually.” – Jeffrey Hollender, Co-Founder of Seventh Generation


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